Steering Committee of HydroEcoNex project

Institute of Zoology: cor. member of ASM, prof. Dr. Hab., Elena Zubcov, project manager, email: [email protected], Phone: +37379638311

International Association of River Keepers Eco-Tiras: Dr. Ilya Trombitsky, email: [email protected], Phones: +37369121726, +37322225615

University Dunarea de Jos Galati: Prof., Dr. Habil., Antoaneta Ene, [email protected], Phone: +40336130255

Ukrainian Scientific Centre of Ecology of the Sea, Dr., Assoc.profess., Svetlana Kovalishina, email: [email protected], Phone: +380974708795

Hydrometeorological Centre for Black and Azov Seas, Dr. Aleksandr Matygin, email: [email protected], Phone: +380503953295


Address: Str.Academiei 1, Chişinău, MD-2028

Project manager
Elena Zubcov

Phone: (+373) 79638311
Fax: (+373) 22 73-75-09

Email: [email protected]