Promotional materials

Project leaflets

The leaflets content includes a general information, main groups of activities, expected results and brief information about each partner involved in the project. They were prepared in accordance to program Visibility and Communication Manual. LP prepared a leaflet in Romanian language. The leaflets were printed in black and white, as well as color (60...

Project banner

A project roll-up and 4 X banners were designed by the Institute of Zoology to inform the general public about the project  X banner were distributed to project partners. The banner is used at different project events, for example during various public events (e.g Science Day, Water Day, Environment Day etc.).

A calendar for 2019 on transboundary rivers – Dniester and Prut

A calendar  for 2019 on transboundary rivers - Dniester and Prut was published by Eco-Tiras within the framework of HydroEcoNex project. Great pictures, interesting text on tranboundary rivers Dniester and Prut as well as a short overview of international legislative framework on transboundary water management. You can download the English version of the calendar from the...