Management Group of Activities

The Management Group of Activities include coordination of the main project task division and communication between the partners, Technical Secretariat and Managing Authority of the BSB Programme, being led by the Lead Partner – Institute of Zoology. The project management activities are led by the project manager of the lead partner institution (Institute of Zoology) and the coordinators of partner institutions (PP2- Eco-Tiras, PP3 – University Dunarea de Jos Galati, PP4- Ukrainian Scientific Centre of the Ecology of Sea, PP5 – Hydrometeorological Center for Black and Azov Seas).

Each institution has also a financial manager and a communication manager, who are in charge of record keeping of the project implementation, project communication and visibility.  The main project governance structure appointed since the beginning of the project is the Steering Committee, formed by members of all participating institutions and addressing main project problems, milestones achieved and checking if the project complies with program regulations and requirements for management, implementation and communication activities.